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Week 3 Variables and the Modelling Process

One of my colleagues tweeted a response to me on Twitter after i commented that i’m not the quickest of reader and that I was struggling a little with getting through so many academic journals this week with “If only you could Download them to a spreadsheet Tom. You can read, interpret and absorb a […]

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Brain Crunching

Week 2 Python and Predictive Analytics

Week 2 of my Micromasters in Predictive Analytics for Business Applications and we move on to looking at using Python for Predictive Analytics, it begins with some basic reminders of Python, then follows up with some utterly brain crunching summary statistics calculations. It’s been a while since i really looked at Python for anything at […]

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Week 1 Introduction To Predictive Modelling

The advantages of working for an Educator are numerous but one of them is most definitely the willingness to support continuing professional development and with that a huge thanks from me to the whole senior team at West Lothian College for supporting me in beginning this Micromasters in Predictive Analytics for Business Applications The college […]

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